Each sheet is a flexible and perfectly smooth layer of icing with a hint of vanilla flavoring and essence, white in color, and affixed to a paper backing sheet to make it possible to handle and pass through the printer. These sheets are really easy to peel when printed. Once removed from the backing sheet the edible icing is extremely pliable and manageable without cracking or tearing.
Edible icing sheets are made from the following ingredients: water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol, glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil,  gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla,  citric acid
Edible Icing Sheets are completely safe for human consumption, made from 100% EC-approved ingredients and are now titanium dioxide (E171) Free. 

Rice Paper: Also known as wafer paper, completely edible and is made from potato starch, water and oil. It is 0.35mm thick. 

Wafer Card: Same product as above i.e. rice paper however it is thicker measuring 0.65mm. It is perfect for creating stand up cake toppers (stand ups) on a cake. 

Fondant/Icing Sheets: Each sheet is a thin layer of icing, white in colour and fixed to a backing sheet. 

They are a high-quality Icing sheet, and are 100% edible, Gluten-Free, Nut Free, Lactose Free, Kosher, Suitable for  Vegetarians and Vegans. 

Edible icing sheets ingredients: water, cornstarch, corn syrup, corn syrup solids, cellulose, sorbitol, glycerine, sugar, vegetable oil,  gum arabic, polysorbate 80, vanilla, citric acid.

Edible Icing Sheets are completely safe for human consumption, made from 100% EC-approved ingredients and are now titanium dioxide (E171) Free

Kosher Cert

Icing Sheet Data

Wafer Paper ingredients (edible drinks toppers): Potato Starch, Water, Vegetable Oil.

Edible Ink Ingredients: Ingredients: Water, humectant (E422), propylene glycol (E490), preservative (E202), food colors (E122-carmoisine, E133, E102-tartrazine), acidity regulator(E330).

We do NOT supply stand up card cake toppers.

But we do supply edible cutouts that are printed on a thin high quality A4 Edible Icing Sheet.

They are NOT already cut out and ready to stand up. You will need to cut them out, place them on fondant/sugarpaste or gum paste, and add a stick or wooden skewer to them to make them stand up, (we do not supply the fondant or sticks, only the edible icing sheet) 

We have lots of pre-designed CUTOUT TOPPERS

If you do not see the design you want you can use our CREATE YOUR OWN or CUSTOM DESIGN options

Ideally to allow for any delays we do recommend ordering your topper early the week before you need it, allowing 5-10 working days, where if there is a delay, there is time to send a replacement if there is an error or delay in the post. 

The shelf Life of the Icing Sheet is 6 months once stored in the grip seal bag it comes in., so can be ordered in plenty of time.

For most of our toppers on the site you can change the message on the topper to anything you wish, for example if it is a christening topper, maybe you would like it for a baby shower. 

If there is no “add your message” box,  for example, Mothers Day, St. Patricks Day etc, then the text cannot be changed on this topper as it is part of the design.

Enter the full text exactly as you want it to appear on the topper, for example “Happy 4th Birthday James”  if you do not wish to include a message please input 0 or No Message Required (PLEASE NOTE: If you just put a name only in the “add your message” box, the happy birthday and the age may be removed and your topper will arrive with just the name on it)

If you choose no message then all text is removed from the topper. This does not include text that is part of the design, like minecraft logo, fortnite logo, marvel logos, etc, as these are images not text.

Your message is added to the topper exactly as it is on the product image, unless for any reason it does not fit, or it is a different message  to the example, but we will try to get it as near to the product image as possible. 

Some fonts we use do not allow fada’s or accents so if you have a fada.accent in the name we can do it but may need to change the font.

We cannot process letters imputed in foreign languages, if you are unsure please email and ask before we process the order, as once it is processed we cannot change it. 

What Causes the Icing to Stick to the Backing Paper?
Humidity is the primary reason why the icing image gets stuck to the backing paper. In a moist room, the icing collects moisture, effectively ‘clinging’ to the backing sheet.

Simple hacks to peel off the edible icing from the backing

Table Edge Rescue: If the icing is starting to peel away as you bend the backing, use the edge of a table to help release it. An important thing to note is that you are trying to peel the backing away from the icing, and not the other way round since the icing is very delicate. Run the backing sheet back and forth over the table-top corner and you should see it starting to loosen. You can then get a sharp knife under the icing to help gently lift it away from the backing.

Drying time and method can depend on the ambient humidity. In some cases, the humidity can be so high the topper will not easily lift from the backing. If this happens, we recommend the following methods that have all worked successfully:

1. Pull the backing sheet over the sharp edge of your worktop or table. This will loosen it enough to be able to carefully slide a sharp knife under the topper to remove it from the backing.

2. Use a hairdryer on the reverse side of the backing sheet on high for 3-5 minutes. This method is very reliable and should release the topper and allow it to lift off the backing


We are continually uploading popular toppers, but it is impossible to have everything on the site.

The quickest way if you are looking for a topper that you do not see listed is to use the Custom Design| Create your own  option to upload any image or tell us what you need and we will design one up for you. Should you require it we can email you a draft before posting. (Please keep a check on junk/spam folders for emails of drafts.) If you have any problem uploading an image then please just place the order and email the image to us at sales@caketop.ie

For multiple images on a sheet for cutting out, please choose the A4 sheet when ordering.

For Ribbons please use the A4 sheet.

Please note: the 6″ round and square sizes, are not pre-cut, they are printed on an A4 sheet and you will have to cut them out before adding to your cake

Caketop.ie is an online shop based in Ireland. We cannot facilitate collections, and only send out toppers via post.


• Have your cake ready. For the best results, your frosting or icing should not be dry or have skin prior to placing the edible picture. If your icing has become dry, spray a fine mist of water (do not have puddles of water) on your frosting before applying the edible picture Various icings can be used such as buttercream, store-bought frosting, icings, fondant, gum paste, whipped cream or non-dairy topping, fudge, chocolate, and even frozen ice cream cakes. Your frosting should be level for the best results.

• On a fresh cream cake the topper can soak into the cake, so If using on a fresh cream cake, we recommend that you cut a layer of fondant the size of your icing sheet and then place this onto the cake.

• Images are best applied to light coloured icing. Dark colours will make it hard for the image to be visible or can distort the colour of the icing sheet once applied. However, if you need to apply to a dark colour icing, we would recommend applying the icing sheet to white fondant and then applying this to your cake.

• Remove your edible picture sheet from the airtight bag. Your edible picture is cut and ready to use. If you have ordered a custom size you need to cut your edible image using sharp scissors or a sharp razor knife gently cut 1/8″ around the image(s) while on the plastic white backing sheet. Make sure your fingers are not moist when handling the edible picture.

• Simply peel away the topper from the backing and place it on your cake. • Once the edible picture has been on the cake for about 5 to 10 minutes it will begin to blend with the frosting. Do Not Touch It; it can leave a dent just like frosting does when touched. • If the edible picture crease or rips while placing, very gently rub the area back together and it hardly shows.

  • Shelf Life of the Icing Sheet is 6 months once stored in the grip seal bag it comes in. YOU CAN REMOVE THE TOPPER TO CHECK IT WHEN IT ARRIVES & THEN PLACE IT BACK IN THE BAG UNTIL YOU NEED IT. They do not need refrigeration! Keep the picture in this bag until you are ready to use it.
  • Keep the picture at room temperature, out of any direct light • Use an Edible Picture immediately after removing it from the bag. • Store your finished decorated cake with an Edible Picture as normally required for safe food handling. Edible Pictures will not affect the shelf life of your product and are freezer, refrigerator and shelf-stable.
    When the images are printed out onto icing sheets, the colour may not be exactly the same as on the computer screen. It tends to be a few shades different, but not usually that noticeable
  • We would recommend with cupcakes to either place on a flat swirl of buttercream or use a fondant disc under them to support them. This can be very easily made by cutting a circle out of flat fondant icing waiting for it to dry out (a couple of hours) then VERY lightly brush with water and place icing topper on top.

For cupcake toppers, you can cut a 2″ circle disc out of roll out fondant and leave to dry overnight then apply a small amount of water to the fondant once dry and attach your image pat down gently taking care not to wet the front side of the image as the colours will run.

Or if you have flat buttercream on your cupcakes you can simply peel and add your topper to them. 

cupcake toppers FAQ

Yes, we can put any photo on a topper, just use the custom design|create your own to place your order where you can upload your photo, and we will then design and email you a draft of your topper before posting.

Yes, we can print more than one picture on a sheet. You can upload up to 6 images using the CUSTOM DESIGN  the first image is included in the cost of the sheet and it is 50c for each upload after that.

If you need multiple  images for cutting out, simply choose the A4 sheet using the CUSTOM DESIGN option, and in the special instructions let us know what size you need each image to be. 

Yes, we can print anything on an icing sheet, just use the create your own and order a A4 sheet, upload your image(s) and let us know the dimensions that you want them. Select the draft required and we will send you a draft of it for approval. Below are some samples of ones we have done that are ready for you to cut out. If you’re not sure what size you need, we can give a few size options on a sheet for you to choose from.

Cutout Edible Cake Topper Cutout Edible Cake Topper Cutout Edible Cake Topper

Cakes generally shouldn’t be refrigerated after the topper is applied as it may damage the colours on the topper. If you need to you can lightly mist or baste water on the fondant icing or buttercream if it’s crusted, and place the image onto the cake closer to the time it is being served rather than placing it it in the fridge.

The icing on your cake can be any colour, but as the topper is made from very thin icing so dark colours or chocolate may not always be suitable. Try white chocolate instead or cut out a disc of white fondant to go behind the topper this should be about the same size and shape as the topper. Place the topper on the disc and put this on your cake. Otherwise you should apply it just before serving the cake, before the photo it has time to absorb the moisture.

Once ordered before 2pm any day we will process and post your order. If you have taken a risk and ordered on short notice, 99% of toppers will arrive the next day. Many customers do take the risk and receive them the next day,. However, we do not guarantee that your topper will arrive in time and unfortunately can do nothing about it if it doesn’t. You are ordering at your own risk. We do now offer Tracked and Registered (Express) Post on checkout, but these can also take 1-2 days. We do not guarantee next day delivery.

Once ordered before 2pm any day your topper is posted and you should receive it in the post the next day. Even on a Thursday if you order before 2pm you should receive it on Friday. Many of our customers have taken a risk on this and received them. However, while 99% of our toppers are delivered next day, we cannot guarantee this, as delays can occur on occasion.

If you accidentally tear the topper – DON’T PANIC! Rub very gently with a dry finger and it will merge back together and the tear will disappear after an hour or so.

The shelf Life of the Icing Sheet is 6 months once stored in the grip seal bag it comes in. They do not need refrigeration! Keep the picture in this bag until you are ready to use it.  ideally we do not recommend ordering more than 2-3 weeks before the event as colours could fade but if you do it should be fine once kept in the sealed bag that it comes in. (Do open it and check that all details are correct once you get it).

Almost Any kind of cake suitable. You can use a shop bought one or bake yourself or a bakers cake. The icing sheets can be applied to sponge, royal icing, fruit, chocolate, buttercream etc. If using on a wet icing like buttercream we would recommend applying as close to the occasion time as possible and applying onto a backing disc of roll out fondant.

Fresh cream is not the best cake topping to use for edible images and should really try to be avoided, the water content is too high and the image may bubble or disintegrate into the cream. 

Unfortunately no we have no way to process payments over the phone or through Facebook messages. All orders must be placed via the website.

Please ensure that everything on the product order that is marked with a red star is answered. Please ensure you have chosen the size topper, added the message and date that you require the topper, and ticked any of the boxes required. The product will not add to your basket if any of these sections are not answered.  If you still have difficulty please send us a screenshot via email or messenger and we can try to help you.

Please also clear cookies & history on the device you are using as this can also be a reason that items may not go into the basket.





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