Need a Cake?

Need a Cake? If you are not into baking the cake yourself and are looking for some to make the cake for you we are a sister company of  Vanilla Bean Bakery in Tullamore and we can make the cake for you.

At Vanilla Bean Bakery we can provide a cake that is different, fun, colourful, in the shape of a football or themed with your children’s favourite character. Vanilla Bean Bakery provide cupcakes and cakes for birthdays, christenings, weddings and all your special occasions.

Vanilla Bean Bakery is a home-based bakery, so everything is baked to order. All our cakes are baked last minute so they are fresh and from scratch using the finest of ingredients. We use only the best of ingredients to produce the best cake for you.

Every decorations our cakes or cupcakes are hand crafted and are edible.

Vanilla Bean Bakery is a home-based business and all our creations are made from our HSE Approved Kitchen.


need a cake