Vanilla Cake Recipe

For a 8 inch diameter round celebration cake:

Creme Cake Mix: 535g
Egg: 190g
Water: 120g
Vegetable Oil: 160g

Suggested Method:
1. Use an electric mixer with a beater attachment
2. Mix egg, oil and water in a jug until smooth, then add to the premix in the mixing bowl.
3. Mix on slow speed for 1 minute and then 4 minutes on fast speed.
4. Place mix into a greased or paper lined 8″ round tin.
5. Bake in a domestic fan oven at 130°C for 1 hour 30 minutes. Test with a cake skewer. If the skewer comes out clean, then the cake is usually baked.
6. Individual ovens vary. Adjust bake profile as required for oven or for the cake size and weight you require.
7. We recommend you allow the cake cool in the tin for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack with the top crust becoming the base.
8. Once it is cooled, wrap it and store it in a cool dry place. For best results decorate the cake within 48 hours of baking and the cake should be eaten within 10 days of baking.
Tip: If the cake peaks in the oven too much, the oven may be a little hot, so reduce the oven temperature.

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